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Advanced Database Programming

Custom Programming

Tenebral Technology has extensive experience developing custom applications. Our staff's programming experience ranges from 12 years to more than 25 years programming for our senior staff members. Our staff can develop custom applications for you or supplement your staff in critical situations. All of the systems we have built are successful. Technology solutions included:

  • Languages: C, C++, Java, Specialized XML tools, 3GL and 4GL UI and forms builders, scripting languages, and many typesetting languages.

  • Architecture: MFC, PFC, Swing, Application servers, Client applications, n-tier applications, Applets and Servlets.

  • Platforms: Windows, Solaris, Unix, Linux, VMS, and Mainframes.


Our staff does not recommend a single technology solution. The old adage that "A man with a hammer sees every problem as a nail" all too often applies to our industry. More often the issue of deployment or performance will dictate that one technology can or cannot be used.

For example, 3-tier C and C++ applications are often more work to program and deploy, but for certain bandwidth limited or complex interface situations they cannot be equaled for performance. On the other hand, a distributed Java application can be easier to program and maintain and may have more future uses if programmed in a services model. We work with our clients to understand thier current and future needs before making a technology decision.

Database Programming

We specialize in large database repository applications. We understand what it takes to design and implement an application which utilizes a heterogeneous mix of text and legacy data. We provide the performance, reliability, and scalability that our customers have come to expect from enterprise Oracle applications.

Our designers also understand the needs of end users and consistently design elegant User Interfaces which are easy to understand while still providing advanced features and performance. The special requirements of complex text searching has been an industry problem that we have many decades experience solving.

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