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XML Content Management Application Programming Interface

Custom API

The SPM Application Programming Interface (API) provides you with many different options for creating your own applications that use the content management database or to bridge between additional systems. The API can be utilized for:

  • Serving data from the Content management system direct to the Web.
  • Creating highly functional custom software for your customers with a richer User Interface than can normally be provided by web pages.
  • Setting up custom channels for your content contributors to access the database
  • Interfacing with legacy systems and automating batch data feeds
  • Creating user interfaces for customers to create custom publications

Development Environments

The SPM content management system has different application programming interfaces available. This allows you to choose the right development environment for your company. below is a short description of each.

Cold Fusion custom tags

Macromedia's Cold Fusion development environment is one of the easiest, most productive web development tools available. We have integrated the SPM API into a custom tag that lets the web developer utilize SPM the same way they use any other Cold Fusion function. The API handles all optimization of queries and database access so that searching and retrieving data is fast. Database connections are pooled for optimum use of resources so that hundreds or thousands of concurrent users can access web pages that dynamically query the XML data in the most efficient way possible.

Windows DLL/Linux shared object

The SPM API is available as a windows DLL or a Linux/Unix shared object. This provides the highest performance access for dedicated PC based applications. Applications can be written in C, C++, Visual Basic, and other programming languages to access the full functionality.

Java Class

The SPM API is also available as a Java Class. This allows easy access to all of the SPM functionality in a Java development environment which insures applications can be run on any platform that supports Java.

Java Servlet

SPM can also be deployed in your application server as a servlet. This provides access to all of the functionality while supporting connection pooling and dynamic load balancing of database requests. This is the desired way to deploy a custom Java Applet to a users desktop without violating security constraints. It is highly efficient and designed to support a large number of concurrent users.

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