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Repurposing Data

Maximizing Data Use

Data can be re-used in a variety of ways. Using the same data to create different products or serve different markets can be as simple as providing an online version of a print product, or as complex as creating custom product organizations or views tailored to a specific customers needs. In any case, the method used to repurpose the data can make it a quick and inexpensive process or a costly time consuming process.

SPM was designed to facilitate the assembly, distribution, and authoring of content so that it is cost-effective to deliver in multiple output formats using different media. We achieve this by:

  • Separating formatting from content.
  • Providing tools to support multiple product organizations with the same content
  • Using a single unified database for all delivery methods

Multiple Publications

SPM provides methods to organize content into "publication" views. These are not necessarily the traditional book that someone outputs, but rather a logically ordered collection of content. Many publications can be created in a single database. Data can be searched, extracted, composed, and published while spanning all or some of the publications in the database.

Recipe Lists

In addition to Publication structure and ordering, the content can be assembled into Recipes. A Recipe is a list of content items that make up another logical collection of content. Recipes can be used to filter queries so that only content contained in a recipe will appear in a result set. They can also be used to extract or compose data. This provides a very dynamic method of defining custom views of data or topical organizations of data.

SPM provides tools for the creation and use of Recipes. The Application Programming Interface can be used to manipulate Recipes. This allows dynamic web sites to be created where end users can search and assemble their own collections or persistent filtered views of data.

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