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Long Term Benefits of Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Companies that benefit from content management are typically managing large volumes of data or data with a long life cycle. Most historical data is tagged with only enough information to insure it "looks right". While this is fine for producing a one time print product, it has very little additional benefits. Tenebral Technology performs data analysis that goes beyond how something formats. We typically search for:

  • Additional embedded content that can be used for finding aids or advanced searches

  • Common data that occurs in many places which can be shared

  • Opportunities to remove all formatting from content

  • Topical information that can be used for alternate Taxonomies or alternate navigation aids

  • Cross references, embedded references, and subject references that may be links in a future electronic product

  • Stand-alone subject groups. Often used for repurposing data.

When we analyze data we consider the current use as well as the future uses of the data. Publishers that ignore this depth of analysis often end up re-converting their data for new products or systems in the future. This is an expensive process that should never be done more than once.

Our staff has performed document analysis on hundreds of print products and millions of records of online data. We bring a depth of experience to the process that insures the analysis will be done quickly and accurately. Our experience with delivery to multiple output formats and using multiple delivery mechanisms gives us insight into what works and what fails.

We use many off-the-shelf tools and our own in-house tools to interrogate existing data. This insures we do not miss content or rare inconsistencies in the data. These tools are designed to work with legacy data in its best and worst form.

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