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Experienced Data Specialists

Data Conversion

Our staff has been converting data to SGML and XML for more than 20 years. Our focus on publishing systems has brought us a wide range of experience with many different types of data. We provide:

  • Fast turnaround so you can be up and running quickly

  • Dedicated resources. You will always be dealing with the same person who will be familiar with your data.

  • Experienced advice. When we see future uses for your data or opportunities to identify detailed content or link references we will point these out.

  • Libraries of conversion patterns. We have probably encountered data like yours in the past and can use existing conversion libraries to save time and money

  • Customer training. We can work in conjunction with your staff and/or train them how to do the work.

  • Alternatives. In a few cases it makes more sense to use content specialists to identify content. Typically this involves reading and understanding the material to provide additional metadata such as keywords and index terms. We have worked with custom taxonomies and helped our customers create their own.

We have managed small to large projects from the least expensive through large mission-critical projects involving staff in many locations. Contact us for a free data evaluation.

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