Enterprise Publishing

Tenebral Technology provides a comprehensive set of enterprise level products designed to handle all of your publishing needs. From the core XML database to the final product creation and delivery tools the entire system is designed to work seamlessly. All of the problems typically found in multi-vendor systems are eliminated which creates workflows with fewer steps, shorter time to market, and greater end product flexability.

SPM Server  XML Database

SPM Server is the backbone of the automation provided by the SPM Enterprise Suite. It provides Advanced XML parsing, version management with the ability to "time travel" your data, sharing across products and tools for easy creation of spinoff products, tight integration with enterprise level composition systems for "push of the button" output rendering, page based looseleaf management, task based workflow, adaptive parsing, sub document management, and high performance 3-tier architectures for management of many tens of thousands of concurrent tasks.

QuickXmlEdit  XML Editor

QuickXMLedit is a browser based Java applet that provides intuitive formatted XML or SGML structured editing. This makes it easy to manage many local or remote authors because there is no product installation. QuickXMLedit works alone or integrates closely with the SPM API so you can create tailored environments for your outside (or internal) authors. This dramatically reduces training and support.

Web service  Web Service

The Web Services provide the ability to create highly functional websites utilizing all of the core functionality of the enterprise server. Utilizing multi-threading, database connection pooling, automatic query optimization, performance monitoring, and data cache functionality the service insures that even inexperienced developers create high performance web applications.

Client interface  Client

SPM Client is a full featured publishing interface for product specialists. It provides powerful product repurposing and data reuse tools, automated output rendering, integrated workflow management, subdocument editing, advanced searching, authoring integration with QuickXmlEdit and industry standard XML editors, batch process automation, link management, and user auditing and work tracking capabilities.

SPM API  Enterprise API

SPM API is a collection of interfaces to the core SPM technology. This makes integration with legacy systems and modern web tools a snap. The behind the scenes complexity of XML management, searching, and parsing are taken care of so that a developer is insured a scalable and stable method to exchange data, search, and provide custom user experiences in a guarenteed high performance manner. With support for many languages like C, C++, Java, Perl, Powerbuilder, and integration with leading web development tools, custom user experiences can be delivered in a fraction of the normal time. Direct access and web services are both provided for maximum flexability.

Performance Watcher  Watcher

Watcher for application servers is a dynamic real-time monitor and management console for system administrators. In a Web Services environment it shows real-time transaction levels, load balancing, database connection pooling usage, and system health monitoring. This provides your staff with the information they need to provide the proper level of service for dynamic websites.

Admin interface  Administration

SPM Administration tools provide a unified user interface for administrators. It enables the easy creation of custom workflows, rules for data versioning, creation of users, definition of the actions users can perform, definition of the user data access at given workflow steps, definition and location of the repositories, data sharing, automation rules, and xml structures.